Tadeusz Kościuszko Primary School nr 10 is located in Gorzów Wlkp., a town with population of about 130,000 inhabitants. The school building has been refurbished in October 2008 when school celebrated the 50th anniversary. It is situated in Zawarcie district. The aim of school is to provide the pupils with the activities, which will develop students in a variety of fields. To fulfill students’ needs the school organizes many extra curricular activities such as sports activities, language activities, drama club, ecology club, art, maths, IT, journalist club and others. Thanks to the teachers’ and pupils’ work the school takes part in many curricular and sports competitions not seldom achieving top positions in the town and region. . The students with particular needs are looked after too. Those with diagnosed learning disabilities have a chance to continue education in one of  integrated classes. Not only such classes have less number of pupils but also the children’s work is supported by the school educationalist and additional teacher. 

Since 2004 the school has participated in Socrates Comenius and Comenius  projects  such as : ‘Life in the past, our existence in present’ together with the schools from Germany and Northern Ireland,  Comenius ecological project ‘Leave us a healthy world’ together with the partner schools from Spain, Turkey, Romania, France and Lithuania. In 2012 we finished another Comenius project called „My philately World” and currently we are running another project that started in September 2012 titled „Get familiar via mascots” with Turkey, Spain, Slovakia and Greece.  The school participates in many other projects like ‘Fruit at school’, ‘Joyful school’, recycling programme and the sports project. There are 2 computer labs and 5 multimedia classrooms where the teachers and the students have the access to interactive white boards. The goal of the head teacher and the teachers is to provide children with the variety of activities which aim is to develop a student as a person.

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